Clean Water For Elirose

A Children's Book about Clean Water and how you can make a difference!

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About the Book
Maria and her friends love all kinds of different drinks, but when they learn a girl their age doesn’t even have clean water to drink they set out to help. Read about all the great ways these kids help make a difference and how you can too!

We're helping build a well!

Help Us Build a Well!

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  • Our Goal: $5000
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  • Deadline: December 31st

Everyone loves Clean Water For Elirose. Just see what our Fans have to say about it!

Todd Parr

NYT Best-selling Author

"Love it! Very cool!"

World Water Day 2012

From Laurie

"The GFWC Northboro Junior Woman’s Club of Northborough MA donated copies of Clean Water for Elirose to the 6 elementary schools in our town. We hope the book will engender discussion and thoughtfulness about children and water around our global village."


Mo Scarpelli, Staff

"A Beautiful little book."


Parent of 3-year old

"My three year-old loves this book. He's drawn to the bright, clean illustrations and has easily connected with the children in the story. I appreciate having a story that addresses issues of poverty and social justice in a way that's developmentally appropriate-- and hopeful."

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Pay What You Can!

We like to do things different here, which is why we offer Clean Water for Elirose as a "Pay What You Can" book. Only have a $3? That won't keep you from getting a copy of the book! Pay what you can and know that all profit from book sales goes directly to building clean water wells & Free Shipping! What's stopping you?

*A quick note about the pricing: The two "Buy Now" options help us save a few coins in processing fees. Please pay what you are able. All profit made from book sales above the cost of printing and shipping (~$4 per book) goes to clean water wells. We do take a small loss when you order just 1 book at $3, but that's okay, because it all balances out and we want to get these books in the hands of young readers whose lives will be changed. Thanks for your support :)

P.S. Churches, schools and water organizations can purchase bulk orders (20 or more) of the book at a reduced cost. Please email for details.

For Total Orders OVER $12 (Pay What You Can)

For Total Orders over $12

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Pay What You Can

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Change The World 12-Pack ($20)

Here's the simple three step world changing opportunity:

  1. Purchase 12 copies of Clean Water for Elirose for $20
  2. Give away or gift the books. Or sell them (and donate the profits)
  3. Watch the world be changed by those little kids
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Make A Difference

More then a book, Clean Water for Elirose, is a fundraising tool

One of the primary goals of this book is to raise money for clean water projects. All profits from book sales, beyond the cost of the books and shipping goes to fund clean water projects. Currently we are making donations through Charity: Water.

Some explanation of our profits in 2011

In May of 2011, over 1000 books where pre-ordered through our kickstarter fundraising campaign.  With the profit from those sales, we purchased a large quantity of books through a traditional printer for about $2 per book final cost. This allows more of each sale to go toward clean water wells in the long term. However, there was no actual profit from the fundraising from those books as it went to purchase the current supply we currently have.

Additionally, we've had several water organizations, schools and individuals order large quantities of books at cost. While we did not take a profit from those books to contribute to building wells, many of those individuals and organizations have used them as a fundraising tool and have utilized the profits from those sales to support their own well projects.

Finally, from the beginning the book has been available at cost to those who couldn't afford the full price of the book. This is important to this project as one major goal is to education kids about this issue and we believe strongly that cost should not be a hindrance to that. However, it has meant that we have not made a significant profit from sales to contribute to well building.

I hope this provides you with a thorough perspective on this book and the goal of contributing funds to well building project, however large or modest they may be. The additional piece we'd like to tackle in 2012 is telling the story of those who have read the book and been inspired to make their own change and raise funds in creative and unique ways to bring clean water to kids like Elirose. Have a story to share? Email us.


Ariah Fine